What We Do

CollegeScreen.com's flexible service allows schools to select from a wide variety of search options to create a background check package that meets their specific needs. The student funded system allows students to order and pay for their background checks using our secure, online system. Should a college or university choose to pay for background checks, the flexible plan can be adjusted easily.

Whether required by the school, an outside organization such as a hospital or school district, a regulatory organization or government agency such as JCAHO, CollegeScreen.com will provide you with the tools to accurately and securely retrieve background check results ensuring safety and compliance.

Background check results can be retrieved easily through our online system by school administrators or outside organizations requiring background check information.

CollegeScreen.com specializes in background screening for students in the following fields:

• Nursing
• Medical
• Health Sciences
• Social Work
• Education

CollegeScreen.com also provides background checks for:

• Students at the admissions level
• Students living on campus or in off-campus housing
• Student employees

To learn more and register contact newaccount@collegescreen.com or
call 888-324-3451 option 1.